Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Office of the Chief Accounts Officer

Rural development & co-operatives Division

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The office of the Chief Accounts Officer is one of the 49 CAOs under the office of CGA. The Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) was setup by an Office Memorandum of the Finance Division (FD) in 1985. Previously known as the office of the Accountant General - AG (Civil), Bangladesh, this office traces its origin back to 1947 when it was named as Office of the Accountant General. Creation of the CGA office paved the way for departmentalizationof government accounts in Bangladesh. The Comptroller & Auditor General (C&AG) of Bangladesh was relieved of his responsibility to prepare accounts for the Government with the responsibility for keeping of accounts devolving on individual Ministry or Division. The CGA is responsible for compilation and consolidation of government accounts. The CGA office acts independently under the administrative control of the Finance Division but seeks general guidance from the C&AG on accounting principles and procedures.

This office passes all bills of Division and Department of Co-operatives along with provide financial advice to Principal Accounting Officer (Secretary). It provides financial authorities to all autonomous bodies, i.e. BRDB, BARD, RDA, BAPARD etc. It settles all pension cases relating to this Division. It remits subscription to international Organisations like CIRDAP AARDO, NEDAC on behalf of the Division.

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